Hmm.. where should I start to show the world how proud I am to be Indonesian and my country has tons of beauty in diversity (rich in culture, and tradition and beauty scenery) for example this place, which is heaven on earth for me 🙂 and maybe for all the ‘city kid’ in the world.

Guess where am I guys?

I am currently in Magelang Central Java, this place about 40 minutes away from my Magelang house.

Actually this restaurant is part of 5 stars hotel called Plataran, but they have a restaurant (Stupa restaurant) where you can eat lunch, dinner or just drink tea/coffee with traditional local Javanese snacks with Magnificent view.

Tips & quick info:

  • Best time to chill in here: around 5pm until 7pm (so you can feel different ambience day and night in one visit).
  • Drink : try Java coffee and fried banana. Price around 30k-150k, very competitive price for 5 stars hotel restaurant in Central Java.
  • Service: excellence *****
  • Physical Evidence: Javanese setting of architecture, music and design nature great!

Everyone in this restaurant was very friendly, It looks like I’ll need to visit again to stay in this resort and get a peaceful experience when I’m around Borobudur temple.

I highly recommend this place if you around Borobudur temple to enjoy the Javanese setting, nature and padi rice field experience. note: this place near Borobudur Temple (around 10 minutes).

Magnificent view. Bukit Menoreh, and Padi/rice field and the beautiful girl (read:  me 😀
Peace. love at first sight
coffee with view?

Don’t take this heaven from me

Don’t take this heaven from me
Fried Banana and Palm sugar
restaurant menu book, traditional and beautiful
Hotel View
Pretty, semakin malam semakin indah

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