WARUNG TALAGA, Sumarecon Mall Serpong

Guys I went to Warung Talaga in Mall Sumarecon Serpong. This is Sundanese food (one of ethnicity in Indonesia) yup this is my ethnicity.  I’m so curious and really want to try the famous spicy tofu and fried fish with chili sambal because I watched too much commedian instagram that I follow ‘Ncess Nabati” lol

Here’s my review for this restaurant.

  1. Food taste is really represent Sundanese food and very delicious.
  2. Price, is good value for the food that I tasted.
  3. Services, Sundanese are famous not consistent and
  4. Process, from the first I arrive looking for table, no one assist me, took so long until the food in our table, ( I saw one of customer was angry because they waited so long).
  5. Physical Ambience, I think it’s quite  represent Sundanese old style.
  6. Promotional activity is so creative, they use Ncess Nabati with lots of followers in instagram.
  7. People, the waitress are nice and show some smile, but they not that good when take order. I have to repeat twice 😦 and there’s only 2 waitress for pack restaurant. I think they need 2 more waitress.


Ikan kembung goreng sambel colo/ Deep fried fish with chili sambal, 30-rebuan/ 3 USD
fried tofu with 15 chili, 3 USD/ Tahu bodo dengan 15 biji cabe! Katotoloyo. 30-rebuan

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