GB BISTRO & DESSERT Senayan City Mall

This Saturday I’m in my favorite mall, Senayan City. I went there for some shopping because on December it’s Xmas sale everywhere in Jakarta malls. After got some new  heels from my favorite brand Staccato and jeans from Guess I went down to LG to eat my lunch in GB Bistro & Dessert. This restaurant location on front of Salad Stop.

From outside: eye catching design with the beautiful lamp and some Christmas decoration (because it’s December)


inside: 1st area, I sat here
inside: 1st area
Inside : 2nd area
Inside: 3rd Smoking area

First thing first I’ve checked the menu, they have complete meals for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Dessert Gelato and coffee YASS!

I’m craving for salad these days. I went to many cafes & restaurant only for Salad. My first impression when I saw this Salad be like..WOW look at that color! color combination just catch my eyes and it’s chopped! OMG It’s chopped, yeah that’s what I need in Salad, easy to eat. and to be honest it’s taste great. The cheese, Salmon, Avocado and even the cucumber so fresh and crunchy.

Cobb Salad 75,000IDR/ 6 USD. (romaine lettuce, salmon, avocado, crunchy cucumber, cherry tomatoes, corn and feta cheese) superb! I love it


I always remember one of my good foreigner friend said, Soraya, Steak is for dinner! but hey this is Indonesia, we eat anything anytime 😀 free world free country baby, Jakartans style.

Tenderloin Steak Sambal Matah/Balinese style chili sambal 95,000/ 7.50 USD. The beef is so tender but It need more salt, vegetables was not over cooked, and the sambal super spicy i’m almost cry but I like this level of spicy! It’s reminds me the spicy level in Thai food. The food presentation just beautiful.


Soft Shell Crab served with bread 75,000IDR / 6 USD, the crab was good but the seasoning just too salty, the bread just ok.

Dessert time, Cake and Coffee are my favorites.

Black Forest with Oreo Served with Vanila Gelato 65,000IDR/ 5 USD. The cake & gelato was perfect together, sour, sweet and creamy YUM


Ice Coffee Cub 50,000IDR/ 3.60 USD, taste good, yeah I like it.

Pictures are everything now in social media era, as one of millenial generation who live mostly in social media I need food with great looks so I can take a picture of it and I think this restaurant aware of this and delivered great presentation of their food and drink.

The waitress great me when I arrived, and very quick gave me food menu. Great service from one of waitress mbak Winda who helped me to pour the water into my glass. The thing is I didn’t see any smile from the waitress except from mbak Risma who friendly and she smile a lot. I think the waitress need to be more cheer, friendly such as smile and looks happy.

The Ambience, ahh I love it. beautiful. When I walk pass the restaurant I just want to go inside because it’s attractive. I can enjoy sit down in the sofa there for hours. and the lighting just great especially to take a picture for instagram. INSTAGRAM IS VERY IMPORTANT NOWADAYS LOL

I have to say that I really enjoyed myself there. If you are in Senayan City Mall area, GB Bistro & Dessert should for sure be your place for meeting, hangout, lunch, dinner or just coffee break time alone or with your friends & partner. I hope they’re going to improve for better service in the future such as waitress service with more smile 🙂 and for food, please double check the salt, salt and salt.

This restaurant located in

GB Bistro & Dessert Senayan City Mall
Jalan Asia Afrika No.19, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Senayan City #LG-18, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270
(021) 72781245
They also have another branch in:
GB Bistro & Dessert Darmawangsa Square
Ground Floor #36-37
10Am – 10Pm
(021) 72788310
I hope you guys find this information helpful, and don’t forget to keep trying new food!


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