Hong Kong Breakfast Style

Tea is not just a cup of tea in Indonesia. It’s a symbol of warmth and care.

The smell of Jasmine tea reminds me of my Grandma who always makes jasmine tea with fresh jasmine every day after Fajr prayer.

A warm of tea also reminds me of my best friend’s Mom who drove my friend & I to the airport early morning to catch up our early morning flight at 5 am. She brought in sweet a cup of hot tea to the car, so my friend and I can drink it on the way to the airport.

Not only in Indonesia, tea culture is everywhere in Asia. In Hong Kong, they have Hong Kong tea style (unsweetened tea with milk). I sometimes skip breakfast, but when I was in Hongkong last week, I ate breakfast Hong Kong tea style (with milk, unsweetened) that served with the famous pineapples bun with butter over and over again😄

Sarapan Ala Hong Kong.
Biasanya Aku jarang sarapan pagi, tapi kalau di Hong Kong aku sarapan terus, menu sarapannya roti nanas dan teh ala Hong Kong (teh tawar pake susu). Besoknya di ulang lagi dan lagi, sampe bosen 😄.

Hong Kong Tea style (Unsweetened tea with milk) Teh ala Hong Kong (Teh Tawar dengan susu) 
Pineapple bun with butter/ Roti nanas dengan mentega 
Cafe’s ambience / Suasana Cafe 

Price total is 135 HKD/ 20 USD for 4 persons/ 250,000 IDR untuk 4 orang dengan satu makanan dan 1 minuman/ orang.


📍Hongkong Delights, or you can find in any cafe/restaurant in Hongkong.

📍Yang aku pesen di Cafe Hongkong Delights, tapi kalian bisa nemuin di semua cafe di sana.

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