Food at Halal bi halal event

I attended gathering at one of my friend’s house yesterday.

In Indonesia, we have a ”religious mixed cultural” event called ’halal bi halal’. Halal bi halal is the event when friends are gathered together to ask for forgiveness for each other after Lebaran/Eid Al Fitr celebration.

This is one of typical Indonesian food for gathering at home, they are:
1. For starters are sweet and salty traditional cakes.
2. The main course is steamed rice & fried rice, lamb, beef, fried chicken, seafood such as prawn/squid/fish.
3. Chili sambal, there are so many chili sambal types in Indonesia (Balinese chili sambal, Sundanese chili sambal or Javanese chili sambal served with fresh raw vegetables.
The choice of chili sambal depends on what is the ethnicity of the house owner.
4. Crackers (krupuk) it’s a must! Indonesia has more than 100 types of crackers, we just have to pick 2-3 types to serve.
5. Side dish: Bakso/ meatballs, Siomay/ Fishcake with sweet and spicy peanuts sauce.
6. Dessert is young coconut ice with palm sugar or syrup and sweet cakes.
7. Beverages are tea, mineral water, and coffee.

Unlike other nations, in Indonesia we don’t have the ”starter – main course or dessert rules” so people can eat anything they want first (usually the first one that caught our eyes)

Fresh raw vegetables / Long beans, cabbage, tomatoes and  chili sambal
fried chicken, fried prawn, and fried salty fish
fried tempeh and fried tofu
green chili, oncom (vermented soy bean)
Tongseng kambing/ lamb soup
Chili sambal and cabbage for lamb soup
meatballs/ bakso
steamed rice in banana leaves
Syomai/ fish cake
Spicy Peanuts sauce for fish cake
Young coconut ice
Chocolate cake for dessert


plates from bamboo

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3 thoughts on “Food at Halal bi halal event

  1. Yummy selection! 😀 I’m just curious though: how does tempeh taste like? I only know that it’s made from soybeans and it’s wrapped in banana leaves after being mixed with a mold culture.


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