Coffee Durian: Lampung Coffee Style

Do you like Coffee or Durian? hard to choose, huh? don’t worry because in Lampung Sumatera, Indonesia they’re mixing it together! Yup, GENIUS isn’t it? !!! it’s Durian Coffee (mixed black coffee and Durian).

as durian addict and coffee lover, I thought if durian and coffee are mixing together maybe it’s gonna be very strong with very complicated taste. But surprisingly, the durian flavor is really worked well with the coffee. Β I remember my friend said the black coffee, not coffee milk, it’s taste better with black coffee, and yes she’s totally right!

I have a funny story about this durian coffee. My friend’s grandma, she is 75 years old. When my friend and I were drinking durian coffee, her grandma saw us and she immediately join us to drink the durian coffee LOL :D.

5 minutes earlier she said she doesn’t want to drink coffee, but when she saw us drink durian coffee, she can’t resist haha what a cool grandma.

The King of fruit/ Durian. In every region in Indonesia has its own Durian with different taste and sizes.

Price: 100,000 IDR/ 3 pieces or 7 USD.

πŸ“Lampung, Indonesia




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