Pempek, Mpek-mpek or Empek-empek

Homemade Pempek/ Fish Cake by my friend’s Mom. Pempek, or others known as Empek-Empek or Mpek Mpek, is one of signature dishes from South Sumatera (Palembang). Pempek made is made of fish (usually tenggiri/ belida) and tapioca starch.

It served with cuko (a dark, sour, and spicy) the sour sauce is from Asam kandis/tamarind.

in Lampung, the uniqueness of PempekΒ is the way they eat the sour sauce/ the cuko, they drink it like a water πŸ˜€ . This food is great for breakfast or snacks.


Mungkin kita sering denger aneh banget ya orang Sumatra Selatan, masa sarapan makan Pempek, Mpek-mpek or Empek-empek kan cuka-nya asem.

Ternyata guys, mereke gak akan sakit perut karena cuko-nya dibuat dari asam kandis bukan cuka, jadi gak akan sakit perut.

Nah uniknya di Lampung ini, mereka makannya cuko-nya di seruput kayak di minum gitu hehe.

Pempek Lenjer
Pempek Adaan

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