Imperial Kitchen FX Mall Sudirman

Dinner Chinese Food Dimsum Siomay chicken and prawn, steamed bun chicken, prawn and mashroom, salty fish fried rice, and for drink is Jasmine tea.

Price: $US 14/2 Person

Location: FX Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia

Makan malam masakan Cina: Dimsum Siomay Ayam Udang, Bakpau isi ayam, Udang jamur, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, dan minumnya Teh Melati.

Harga: 204,000/ 2 Orang

Lokasi: FX Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia

Prawn with Mashroom / Udang dan Jamur
Fishball soup, tofu with beef and vegetables / bakso ikan, bakso tahu dan sayuran
Bakpau Ayam/ Chicken Bakpau
Jasmine Tea/ Teh Melati
Siomay Ayam/ Chicken Siomay
Salty fish fried rice/ Nasi goreng Ikan Asin
Open kitchen concept/ Konsep Dapur Terbuka
Restaurant ambience/ Suasana Restoran


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